The ChromoTek MK2-Trap is a ready to use resin for immunoprecipitation of MK2 fusion proteins.
The MK2-Trap consists of a MK2 Nanobody /VHH coupled to agarose beads.

human, mouse, hamster
Posttranslational Modifications: MK2-Trap recognizes unphosphorylated MK2 and Phospho-MK2 (Thr222). Specificity on Phospho-MK2 (Thr334) was not tested.

Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
Mass spectrometry (MS)
On-bead enzyme assays

MK2-Trap Agarose
MK2 VHH, recombinant binding protein

anti-MK2 VHH, MK2-binding protein, MK2 Nanobody or anti-MK2 single domain antibody fragment (sdAb)


  • Pull-down of MK2
  • No heavy & light antibody chains in your downstream application
  • short incubation time (1 h at 4°C)

Format/matrices & properties

About MK2

MK2 (MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 2, MAPKAP-K2) is a stress-activated serine/threonine-protein kinase involved in cytokine production, endocytosis, reorganization of the cytoskeleton, cell migration, cell cycle control, chromatin remodeling, DNA damage response, and transcriptional regulation.

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!