Our Products

ChromoTek offers innovative research reagents based on Camelid antibodies: Our Nano-Traps are perfect tools for the rapid immuno- precipitation of proteins and their interaction partners with high specificity and efficiency. Our Boosters enhance the signal intensity of your targets in fluorescent microscopy. And our recently introduced Chromobodies® allow you to analyze endogenous proteins in living cells in real time. In addition, we provide a growing number of exceptionally specific conventional antibodies.

Last not least, our new fluorescent 2-hybrid (F2H®) assay enables you to monitor reversible protein-protein interactions in a cellular system.


Recombinant single domain antibody fragments for efficient IPs.

Nano-Boosters & Nano-Labels

Highly specific GFP-, RFP-, Vimentin- or Histone-binding proteins for photostable super-resolution microscopy.


High quality, cost efficient, conventional monoclonal antibodies for IP/IF/Western Blot and ELISA.


Intracellular, fluorescent antibodies for the non-invasive detection of endogenous proteins in live cells.


Spotting reversible protein-protein interactions (PPI) in live cells.

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