Our new tool for detection of actin in live cells, the Actin-Chromobody®, lets you monitor the assembly/ disassembly of cytoskeleton in real time. Take advantage of the small size of the Chromobody® and produce stunning high resolution pictures and movies of the cytoskeleton's dynamics.

  • Easily transfect your cells and non-invasively visualize actin cytoskeleton in real time
  • Target and trace microfilaments in your cell line of interest
  • Use Actin-Chromobody® as a marker of cellular morphology and as a probe for cellular motility
  • Actin-Chromobody® does not affect cell viability or migration.



Live visualization of actin dynamics with Actin-Chromobody®

Actin Chromobody® allows monitoring of actin dynamics in real time in living cells. HeLa cells were subjected to confocal imaging upon treatment with 2 µM of Cytochalasin D for 1 hour and recovery for 2 hours. Time lapse analysis revealing actin reorganization is shown.

Actin-Chromobody® in various cell lines

Actin-Chromobody® highlights microfilaments in various cell lines. Shown are fluorescent images from cells transfected with Actin-Chromobody® tagged with TagRFP or TagGFP (Evrogen).

Advantages of using Actin-Chromobody® to test actin dynamics

Live cell imaging- (toxic)+++
Influence on actin dynamics-- (toxic)- (high)++ (none)
Signal-to-Noise ratio+++++
Fixed Samples++n.a.n.a.

Actin-Chromobody® plasmid.

nuclear Actin-Chromobody® plasmid.

Lentiviral Actin-Chromobody® cell lines

(transduced in collaboration with NMI Tuebingen)

cell linefluorescent protein colour
A549 green
HepG2 green


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