F2H® Assay

Study protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in mammalian cells with our Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H®) Technology in a fast and simple way by conventional fluorescence microscopy. The direct optical readout is optimal for high-content analysis (HCA) and screening for PPI inhibitors.

F2H principle


“The F2H® approach is the missing link between biochemistry and cell biology”
Prof. Sir David Lane, p53 Lab, A*Star, Singapore (find more references here >)

With F2H® you can

  • visualize and validate PPIs in the intracellular environment
  • support biochemical PPI analysis by fluorescence imaging
  • identify interacting protein domains
  • monitor PPI dynamics in live cells upon treatments,
    determine inhibition kinetics
  • screen for compounds inhibiting or activating PPIs

You just need a conventional fluorescence microscope and any 
GFP- and RFP-fusion proteins.

F2H® Assays

Imaging of interactions between GFP- and RFP-tagged proteins and domains in live mammalian cells

F2H®-Kits p53/Mdm2 and p53/Mdm4 for screening of specific PPIs in live cells

Analyze modulators of the human Androgen Receptor