Our HaloTag-Trap is a high quality HaloTag binding protein coupled to agarose beads for biochemical analysis of HaloTag fusion proteins and their interacting partners.The HaloTag is a modified variant of the bacterial haloalkane dehalogenase enzyme from Rhodococcus rhodochrous and is designed to form a covalent bond with reactive chloralkane-based ligands.

 Use HaloTag-Trap for:

  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Enzyme activity measurements
  • ChIP/ RIP analysis

Very stable & reliable binding

  • very low dissociation constant
  • harsh washing conditions can be applied
  • recombinant, validated antibody
  • Structure and function are characterized

Halo-Tag-fusion protein immunoprecipitated with HaloTag-Trap: Input (I), non-bound (FT) and bound (B) fractions were separated by SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassie blue staining, Western blotting and fluorescence scan. Because the HaloTag-Trap binds to HaloTag at an epitope outside its catalytic center, both unbound HaloTag fusion proteins (left) and HaloTag fusions covalently bound to ligands like HaloTag TMR (right) are captured virtually without any difference. This allows to pulldown HaloTag fusion proteins from cells that have been previously treated with HaloTag ligands for imaging and makes the HaloTag system as versatile as GFP expression, imaging and purification.



Compared to other HaloTag® tools,

  • HaloTag-Trap precipitates HaloTag® fusion proteins even when already covalently bound to HaloTag ligands, i.e. after labelling etc.
  • HaloTag-Trap is an affinity purification resin
  • bound HaloTag fusion protein can be eluted without protease