Spot-Tag & Spot-Nanobody

One for All: Small Affinity-Tag & Nanobody for Multiple Capture & Detection Applications

The ChromoTek Spot-System is the first peptide-tag specific Nanobody for universal capture & detection applications. It comprises Spot-Tag®, an inert 12 amino acid peptide-tag (PDRVRAVSHWSS), and the universal, rugged Spot-Nanobody that specifically binds to Spot-tagged proteins with high affinity. 


Left: Interaction of Spot-Nanobody (green) with Spot Peptide

Use Spot system for


- NO contaminating heavy & light chains
- Harsh washing conditions

Affinity purification

- High affinity
- Native & non-native elution

Super resolution microscopy

- Higher resolution
- Small probe size


- Better tissue penetration

Western Blot

- Direct detection of low nanogram quantities

Mass spec

- Low background
- Just 5-6 peptides

Forget about other affinity tags/antibodies: Here is Spot!

Your Spot-Nanobody advantages
compared to other antibodies:
Your Spot-Tag advantages
compared to other peptide tags:
  • More robust & stable
  • Higher affinity
  • Less background
  • Less unspecific binding
  • Higher resolution
  • Less negatively charged
  • Short
  • Inert

ChromoTek's Spot related products for

  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) & affinity purification use Spot-Trap®. Spot-Trap is the Spot-Nanobody coupled to agarose or magnetic agarose beads.

  • Immunofluorescence (IF) & Western blotting (WB) use Spot-Label. Spot-Label is the Spot-Nanobody conjugated to fluorescent dyes. Spot-Label is the first Nanobody/peptide-tag that was applied in Super Resolution Microscopy.
  • For expression of Spot-tagged fusion proteins use Spot-Tag vectors. A selection of vectors is available. Alternatively, Spot-Tag can be easily cloned by PCR primers.

  • For gentle & native elution of bound Spot-tagged proteins use Spot peptide.