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14-3-3 binding to LRRK2 is disrupted by multiple Parkinson's disease-associated mutations and regulates cytoplasmic localization, R. J. Nichols, N. Dzamko, N. A. Morrice, D. G. Campbell, M. Deak, A. Ordureau, T. Macartney, Y. Tong, J. Shen, A. R. Prescott, D. R. Alessi, Journal :"Biochem J"Page :"" 2010, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP, MS"

14-3-3-Pred: Improved methods to predict 14-3-3-binding phosphopeptides, F. Madeira, M. Tinti, G. Murugesan, E. Berrett, M. Stafford, R. Toth, C. Cole, C. MacKintosh, G. J. Barton, Journal :"Bioinformatics"Page :"" 2015, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

3' end formation of pre-mRNA and phosphorylation of Ser2 on the RNA polymerase II CTD are reciprocally coupled in human cells, L. Davidson, L. Muniz, S. West, Journal :"Genes Dev"Page :"" 2014, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"RNA Pol II antibody", Application:"ChIP"

5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Marks Sites of DNA Damage and Promotes Genome Stability, G. R. Kafer, X. Li, T. Horii, I. Suetake, S. Tajima, I. Hatada, P. M. Carlton, Journal :"Cell Rep"Page :"" 2016, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Booster", Application:"IF"

5T4 glycoprotein regulates the sensory input-dependent development of a specific subtype of newborn interneurons in the mouse olfactory bulb, S. Yoshihara, H. Takahashi, N. Nishimura, H. Naritsuka, T. Shirao, H. Hirai, Y. Yoshihara, K. Mori, P. L. Stern, A. Tsuboi, Journal :"J Neurosci"Page :"" 2012, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"RFP antibody", Application:"IHC"

70kDa heat shock cognate protein hsc70 mediates calmodulin-dependent nuclear import of the sex determining factor SRY, G. Kaur, K. G. Lieu, D. A. Jans, Journal :"J Biol Chem"Page :"" 2012, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"Co-IP"

A BAR-domain protein SH3P2, which binds to phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate and ATG8, regulates autophagosome formation in Arabidopsis, X. Zhuang, H. Wang, S. K. Lam, C. Gao, X. Wang, Y. Cai, L. Jiang, Journal :"Plant Cell"Page :"" 2013, (Pubmed) Organism: "Plant", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A barley SKP1-like protein controls abundance of the susceptibility factor RACB and influences the interaction of barley with the barley powdery mildew fungus, T. Reiner, C. Hoefle, R. Huckelhoven, Journal :"Mol Plant Pathol"Page :"" 2015, (Pubmed) Organism: "Fungi", Product:"GFP antibody [3H9]", Application:"WB"

A biosensor-based framework to measure latent proteostasis capacity., Rebecca J Wood, Angelique R Ormsby, Mona Radwan, Dezerae Cox, Abhishek Sharma, Tobias Vöpel, Simon Ebbinghaus, Mikael Oliveberg, Gavin E Reid, Alex Dickson, Danny M Hatters, Journal :"Nat Commun"Page :"287" 2018, (Pubmed) Organism: "Human", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A bipartite molecular module controls cell death activation in the Basal cell lineage of plant embryos, P. Zhao, X. M. Zhou, L. Y. Zhang, W. Wang, L. G. Ma, L. B. Yang, X. B. Peng, P. V. Bozhkov, M. X. Sun, Journal :"PLoS Biol"Page :"" 2013, (Pubmed) Organism: "Plant", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A Bistable Circuit Involving SCARECROW-RETINOBLASTOMA Integrates Cues to Inform Asymmetric Stem Cell Division, A. Cruz-Ramirez, S. Diaz-Trivino, I. Blilou, V. A. Grieneisen, R. Sozzani, C. Zamioudis, P. Miskolczi, J. Nieuwland, R. Benjamins, P. Dhonukshe, J. Caballero-Perez, B. Horvath, Y. Long, A. P. Mahonen, H. Zhang, J. Xu, J. A. Murray, P. N. Benfey, L. Bako, A. F. Maree, B. Sche, Journal :"Cell"Page :"" 2012, (Pubmed) Organism: "Plant", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A cancer-associated mutation in atypical protein kinase Ciota occurs in a substrate-specific recruitment motif, M. Linch, M. Sanz-Garcia, E. Soriano, Y. Zhang, P. Riou, C. Rosse, A. Cameron, P. Knowles, A. Purkiss, S. Kjaer, N. Q. McDonald, P. J. Parker, Journal :"Sci Signal"Page :"" 2013, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP, MS"

A Cdc48 "Retrochaperone" Function Is Required for the Solubility of Retrotranslocated, Integral Membrane Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Degradation (ERAD-M) Substrates., Sonya Neal, Raymond Mak, Eric J Bennett, Randolph Hampton, Journal :"J Biol Chem"Page :"3112-3128" 2017, (Pubmed) Organism: "Saccharomyces", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A Central Small Amino Acid in the VAMP2 Transmembrane Domain Regulates the Fusion Pore in Exocytosis., Benoit Hastoy, Pier A Scotti, Alexandra Milochau, Zahia Fezoua-Boubegtiten, Jorge Rodas, Rémi Megret, Bernard Desbat, Michel Laguerre, Sabine Castano, David Perrais, Patrik Rorsman, Reiko Oda, Jochen Lang, Journal :"Sci Rep"Page :"2835" 2017, (Pubmed) Organism: "Rattus", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A comparative evaluation of NB30, NB54 and PTC124 in translational read-through efficacy for treatment of an USH1C nonsense mutation, T. Goldmann, N. Overlack, F. Moller, V. Belakhov, M. van Wyk, T. Baasov, U. Wolfrum, K. Nagel-Wolfrum, Journal :"EMBO Mol Med"Page :"" 2012, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"RFP antibody", Application:"IHC"

A complex of C9ORF72 and p62 uses arginine methylation to eliminate stress granules by autophagy., Maneka Chitiprolu, Chantal Jagow, Véronique Tremblay, Emma Bondy-Chorney, Genevieve Paris, Alexandre Savard, Gareth Palidwor, Francesca A Barry, Lorne Zinman, Julia Keith, Ekaterina Rogaeva, Janice Robertson, Mathieu Lavallée-Adam, John Woulfe, Jean-François Coutur..., Journal :"Nat Commun"Page :"2794" 2018, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mus", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A complex of ZO-1 and the BAR Domain Protein TOCA-1 Regulates Actin Assembly at the Tight Junction, C. M. Van Itallie, A. J. Tietgens, E. Krystofiak, B. Kachar, J. M. Anderson, Journal :"Mol Biol Cell"Page :"" 2015, (Pubmed) Organism: "Mammalia", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A conserved and essential basic region mediates tRNA binding to the Elp1 subunit of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Elongator complex, R. Di Santo, S. Bandau, M. J. Stark, Journal :"Mol Microbiol"Page :"" 2014, (Pubmed) Organism: "Yeast", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A Conserved Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Protein Complex (EMC) Facilitates Phospholipid Transfer from the ER to Mitochondria, S. Lahiri, J. T. Chao, S. Tavassoli, A. K. Wong, V. Choudhary, B. P. Young, C. J. Loewen, W. A. Prinz, Journal :"PLoS Biol"Page :"" 2014, (Pubmed) Organism: "Yeast", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"

A Conserved Motif Provides Binding Specificity to the PP2A-B56 Phosphatase, E. P. Hertz, T. Kruse, N. E. Davey, B. Lopez-Mendez, J. O. Sigurethsson, G. Montoya, J. V. Olsen, J. Nilsson, Journal :"Mol Cell"Page :"" 2016, (Pubmed) Organism: "Human", Product:"GFP-Trap", Application:"IP"